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We make technology possible

We make technology possible



Technology experts

The pace of technological development is ever-increasing. Our industry knowledge helps us to keep up with the latest trends, identify, and evaluate them. We select the technologies that people will need and that will soon become in demand. Once this is done, we ensure these goods and products reach the consumers.

We aim to make the latest technologies accessible to everyone, which means – with clear value, easy to understand, and affordably priced.

We operate in both wholesale and retail, where we have wide store chain throughout Latvia.

Technology experts

Knowledge of technology trends
and we have been strengthening sales skills for more than 25 years.

We have been strengthening our knowledge of

technology trends and sales skills for over 25 years.

We work with retail chains throughout the Baltics.

Meet Maksis - he might

be your new colleague.

Our portfolio consists of more than

1300 products.

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